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Solemnity of Christ the King 
Promises made by five members

The Solemnity of Christ the King was a festive day that filled with joy the hearts not only of the five members of the Aggregation, but also all who shared in the celebration of the Promises and the Mass at 6 p.m., presided by Fr Giampietro Pelini, who had animated the preparation for this event. At the conclusion we have to acknowledge our gratitude to the Lord for enabling us to experience all the kindness of his love, the Father’s goodness and tenderness, bestowing the abundance of grace.

Agregation 1

“The Promise, the duty of always growing in the eucharistic spirituality according to St Eymard’s teaching regarding being faithful to the prayer of adoration”


The celebration began at 4:30 p.m. with a solemn entry. The Delegate Director led the procession carrying by new banner as a sign of the purpose of life: to follow Jesus in the gift and charism of St. Peter-Julian Eymard, to follow Jesus in the Aggregation of the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus draws us to himself and says: “if you want, come with me”. The banner is the sign of this call, and of belonging, and five sisters have accepted the invitation and responded: “yes, I come to you Jesus to dedicate my life to you in my journey of the Christian life, at the centre of which I place your Sacrament of love, the Eucharist”. The five new aggregates entered carrying a lighted lamp that they placed before Jesus, to signify that their faith is alight and today becomes a witness by means of the decision to be part of the Aggregation of the Blessed Sacrament.

The celebration proceeded in accord with the rite set out, with the invocation of the Holy Spirit and the prayer for these five aggregates. The passage of the Gospel was proclaimed regarding the call of the Apostles, then a reading from St Peter-Julian. The new aggregates were then called followed by the blessing of the badges and encouragement about fidelity to the Aggregation. The President’s reflection drew attention to what was taking place, recalling the importance and seriousness of the Promise, the duty of always growing in the eucharistic spirituality according to St Peter-Julian Eymard’s teaching regarding being faithful to the monthly, weekly, or daily prayer of adoration. After the reflection, the five aggregates were led to the altar, to the Eucharist, and pronounced the formula of the Promise, thus entering formally into the Aggregation. This was followed by consigning to each of them their badges and the ‘Project of Life’, and signing of the register of the Aggregation at the altar of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament and St Peter-Julian Eymard. The celebration of the Promises thus came to a close.

Sung Vespers and Mass completed this festive day. As traditionally, at the end of the Mass in thanksgiving for Communion, the secretary of the Aggregation, on behalf of all the aggregates present, expressed the renewal of belonging by reciting the formula of the Promise. The 21st of November has been a day of festivity, witness, participation and living, that brought together so many aggregates who came to congratulate and welcome those who have chosen a path of eymardian eucharistic spirituality.


Notiziario n.22, December 2021 - SSS Italy-Spain
Father Albino Valentini, sss
Director of the Aggregation

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