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Celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Blessed Sacrament Parish

“We have everything with the Eucharist”
(St Peter-Julian Eymard, CO 473)

The parish community of the Blessed Sacrament was led by its parish priest, Reverend Father Patrick Adidolo Tanzey sss, in the splendid celebration on Sunday 7 January 2024, the solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, the 65th anniversary of its existence.

To recall some history briefly, let us point out that the opening of the first sss house in Léopoldville (now Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo), was the decision of Reverend Father Spiekman, who was then the Superior General of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. Indeed, on the occasion of his visit to Kinshasa for Brazzaville following his meeting with Monsignor Félix Scalais, Apostolic Vicar of Kinshasa, Father Spiekman authorized the opening of this sss house. It was precisely on Sunday, 4 January 1959, that Fathers Gauthier and Eykmans presided over the first Eucharistic celebration in the house conceded by the Marist Brothers of the Schools. Exactly today the parish and pastoral ministry completes 65 years of its life.

Furthermore, let us give an account of the activities arranged to commemorate the 65th anniversary of our parish that were carried out in four parts:

First part: 65 years with the poor

A great day of prayer, sharing and rejoicing was organized at the Saint Peter-Julian Eymard Eucharistic Centre (Diocese of Kisantu), for the poor and destitute of the different basic communities of the parish; this was led by the Reverend Father Magloire Makengo (the provincial secretary), the Diaconia team and the Committee of Festivals and Major Events.

Second part: 65 years with the youth

To mark this large-scale event, the parish youth commission organized two activities, namely, a health walk which went from the Blessed Sacrament parish to the parish of Blessed Anuarite (which is served by the religious of Blessed Sacrament), under the supervision of Father Vital Mazinda, a vicar and the deacon Emilien Mbongo; whereas the other youth activity was the football tournament that was won by the youth of the APA (Army of Little Angels).

Third part: 65 years with choirs and vocal Groups

In addition to the activities mentioned above, a major festival of choirs and vocal groups was organized to give thanks to God on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the parish. It also involved the participation of choirs from other parishes, such as those of Saint Titus and Saint Cecilia. This festival was sponsored by His Excellency Monsignor Édouard Kisonga, the Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Kinshasa and first indigenous priest of the Saint Sacrament parish. Monsignor Kisonga honoured the choristers and liturgical participants in general with his paternal presence.

Fourth Part: The eucharistic celebration

The great thanksgiving took place on Sunday 7 January 2024 with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by His Eminence Fridolin Cardinal Ambongo Besungu, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kinshasa and President of the Symposium of the Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SCEAM). This Mass was concelebrated by the Reverend Father Anaclet Bambala sss (Vicar General), the Reverend Father Olivier Ndondo (Provincial Superior of the Blessed Sacrament religious in the Democratic Republic of Condo and Uganda), the Reverend Father Jean-Robert Diyabanza (Superior Delegated by the Redemptorist Fathers RD. Congo-Angola) and many other priests who were invited for the occasion.

65 anni 1

On the left father Anaclet Bambala, vicar general and on the right father Olivier Ndondo, superior provincial

After the eucharistic celebration a fraternal agape was served for all. This festivity attended by many people was closed with cutting a birthday cake, prepared by the Sister Servants of the Blessed Sacrament, by Reverend Fathers Anaclet Bambala and Olivier Ndondo in a great atmosphere of music. With joy and gladness all the Christians, gathered in their respective base communities, celebrated in this way the 65th anniversary of their parish.

Through the intercession of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament and Saint Peter-Julian Eymard, patron of our parish, may the Lord grant his abundant graces and blessings to his daughters and sons of our jubilee parish.

Kinshasa, 7 January 2024

Algho Atumenga
President of the Committee of Festivals and Major Events

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