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Visit of the Vicar General to the Congregation in Brazzaville

From 29 January to 5 February 2024 the Region of Cardinal Emile Biayenda was honoured by the visit of Reverend Father Anaclet Bambala, the Vicar General of the Congregation, who has responsibility for Africa and Formation.

This visit, which followed some months after the recent 36th General Chapter in Vietnam, should be regarded in the light of the carrying out of his functions. Indeed, the framework of this visit comprised three important moments:

  • First there was a meeting of the Vicar General and the members of the Regional Council. This was an important occasion marked by in-depth discussions regarding the projects and the profile of the Region.
  • Then, the Vicar General held a series of meetings on the one hand face-to-face with all the confreres working in Brazzaville in the Aimé Porret multipurpose room within the Saint Peter Claver community; on the other hand, with all the other confreres working at a distance from Brazzaville. Concretely, these two meetings entailed:

- Penetrating the final message of the 36th General Chapter, which was done through commenting on reading passages from it, and at the same time setting the message of the Chapter on one side and the reality of the Region on the other.

- Discussions regarding the change of the Region’s profile that implies a new dynamic.

- The witness given by two capitulars (who were at the Chapter in Vietnam 2023), Fathers Jean De Dieu Passy (Regional Superior) and Anaclet Bambala (Vicar General), who were able to share especially how the Chapter was lived as an undeniable and outstanding expression of brotherhood, strikingly signifying to being the members of the same family.

  • Finally, everything culminated in the visit to the house of the Postulancy at Barrage with the celebration of the anniversary of our Holy Founder Saint Pierre-Julien Eymard’s birth.

We can say unequivocally that this visit was a success in its realization; and we hope that it will be a success in its application in relation to the fruits it will bear.


Father Divin Maboundou Ngongo, sss
Consultor and Regional Secretary

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