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Priesthood ordinations Kristu Jyoti Province - India

A Memory Forever: My Ordination, St. Joseph’s Church, Kommedu, Vilupuram, on Saturday 9th December 2023

Our founder St. Peter Julian Eymard says “To be possessed by Jesus and to possess Him - that is the perfect reign of Love”. The theme for my priestly ordination was “To live and to grow in the Eucharistic love” and the scripture that inspired me was “I am the vine and you are my branches” (Jn 15: 5). Eucharist has been my source of strength and inspiration and so I want to be connect my life with the Eucharist so that it continues to nourish  and strengthen my Eucharistic vocation. I had prepared myself very well for the reception of this sacrament through my retreat.

When the day arrived, I sat silently before the Blessed Sacrament and called to mind the experiences from the formation years and all that I received from the Eucharistic Lord and it energized me. It was a divinely celebration, when the Archbishop Francis Kalist- Archbishop Pondicherry-Cuddalore and all the priest gathered there laid their hands over me I experienced the presence of the Lord over me. There was an inner joy when I wore the vestment and stood on the altar and joined with everyone in the Eucharist.

It was a great opportunity for me to preside over my first thanksgiving Eucharist and share the blessings of the Lord to everyone present over there. I thank the Lord for His constant guidance, love and mercy. May the Lord continue to guide His humble servant at His altar.


Father Luie Desoza Lourdusamy, sss


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A Memorable Ordination: a journey rescheduled by the waters, guided by the motto “Always with You”

On the 4th of December, 2023, the designated day for my ordination at Chennai, a natural intervention in the form of a flood disrupted the scheduled ceremony. However, on the 7th of December, 2023, amidst the familiar surroundings of my native place and diocese (Trichy), the long-awaited ordination unfolded as a momentous and joyous occasion, leaving an indelible mark on my spiritual journey.

Memorable Ordination IndiaThe postponement of the ceremony, reminiscent of the biblical tale of Noah, symbolized a metaphorical flood - a challenge that tested both patience and dedication. It underscored the understanding that the path to ordination is not always a straightforward one, often presenting unexpected twists that contribute to the richness of our spiritual tapestry.

As the ceremony finally transpired, surrounded by the warmth of family, friends, and the community members, the motto that has guided my journey became even more significant: “Always with You” (Mt 28:20). This simple yet profound phrase encapsulates the essence of my commitment - to be a constant source of support, empathy, and companionship on the spiritual journey of those I serve.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Provincial, the Council, and all those who played instrumental roles in navigating the challenges posed by the flood and ensuring the successful rescheduling of the ordination.

As I embark on this new chapter, I am reminded that the delays, challenges, and eventual triumphs are integral parts of the ordained path. Just as Noah saw the rainbow as a promise of hope and renewal, my ordination signifies the triumph over obstacles and the beginning of a new era dedicated to serving others, inspired by the enduring spirit of St. Peter Julian Eymard. With the motto "Always with You" and the teachings of St. Eymard guiding my steps, I express deep gratitude to all who have been part of this transformative journey.


Father Infantraj Lawrence, sss

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