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This is a public space for consultation on the writings of Father Peter Julian Eymard,

founder of

the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament 
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The writings of Father Eymard cover his whole life, from the age of 12 up to his death. This vast documentation was for the first time available in its entirety in the Oeuvres Complètes of Peter Julian EymardThis edition constitutes a precious source for a new approach to his spirituality, his theological and pastoral vision, as well as his charismatic insight. It also provides a valuable witness regarding his epoch, the life of the Church and society and a starting point for fresh explorations.

The totality of Fr Eymard’s writings Oeuvres Complètes in French is available for a free consultation on the website:

As a result, a printed French edition comprising 17 volumes was published under the title “Oeuvres Complètes” of which only some texts have been translated into English. These texts are available for consultation in



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