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Retreat and Assembly 2024

All the confreres of Saint John XXIII Province gathered from 8 to 13 January 2024 at the Pedro Legari-Esclavas de Cristo Rey retreat house, in the city of Bogotá. They were welcomed with lunch and in the afternoon the retreat began on the theme “Experience of Fraternity”. It was led by one of our confreres, Father Fabian Velásquez S.S.S, for the first time in the history of our province, since the tradition has formerly been to have a guest speaker guide the retreat.

1. Echoes from the retreat “Experience of Fraternity”

  • Becoming aware of living an authentic fraternity, based on the Love of God. In a fraternal maturity from one's own personal reality to ask oneself: How am I living fraternity?
  • In community life, spiritual brotherhood has its starting point from the heart; that is, initial feelings deepen into being in “Love”. This fraternal way of living becomes concretised through everyday house-home/common-activities. It thus becomes humanized in relation to the other, expressing ¨sensitivity with the other¨.
  • Through the reality of living in community we learn to be brothers in gratitude for ourselves by means of contemplation and prayer. Thus we accept one another as brothers within the religious community. Where in my life is my community, are my brothers?
  • Becoming responsible for fraternity entails that a person interprets the meaning of fraternity as being responsible for his own identity as consecrated. With what responsibility do I handle my crisis situations in the face of difficulties and problems?

2. Echoes from the Assembly

The assembly begins with the words of welcome from the Provincial Superior Fr. Carlos José Sierra S.S.S. Message from Father General S.S.S presented by Father Francisco Junior S.S.S General Consultor. Report of the General Chapter by Fr. Elibien Joseph S.S.S.

  • Review our path during the year 2023;
  • Election of the provincial treasurer and consultor at the same time;
  • Project 2024 in the light of the message of the General Chapter;
  • Work in commissions: a) Future of the province: Ongoing formation – Blessed Sacrament lay associates - Centre for Eucharistic Spirituality; b) Economy: Report for the year 2023 - New treasurer Fr. Fabian Velázquez S.S.S; c) Formation: Report on each of the stages of formation.



Provincial Bulletin of information
Notibip - 98 - February 2024

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