Our Mission

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Following in the footsteps of Father Eymard, our mission is to respond to the hungers of the human family with the riches of God's love manifested in the Eucharist.

Drawing life from the bread given for the life of the world, we proclaim in the thanksgiving prayer the Passover of Christ, and we welcome the Lord Jesus in his Eucharistic presence by a prolonged prayer of adoration and contemplation.

Formed by the Sacrament of the New Covenant, which frees us from the domination of sin, we commit ourselves to building up the Body of Christ.

By our life and activities, we share in the mission of the Church, so that the Eucharist may be celebrated in truth, that the faithful may grow in their communion with the Lord through Eucharistic adoration in the setting of exposition, that they may commit themselves to the renewal of their Christian communities and collaborate in liberating individuals and society from the forces of evil.

United in the spirit with those who are poor and weak, we oppose everything which degrades human dignity and we proclaim a more just and brotherly world as we await the coming of the Lord. (RoL 3


Saint Peter Julian Eymard was captivated by the Eucharist. It was at the table of the Lord that he discovered the love of God in its most immediate and enduring expression. The experience changed his life and became the focus of his ministry. In his own words, he desired only to “bring all the world to the knowledge and love of our Lord; to preach nothing but Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ eucharistic.”

Saint Peter Julian was both a disciple of the Eucharist and an apostle of the Eucharist. His spirituality was formed by the celebration of the Eucharist and by prayerful contemplation of its meaning, and his ministry flowed from it. He viewed the Eucharist as a powerful means for the renewal of the church and the transformation of society, and as a response to the deep hungers of humanity.

We are an apostolic group of men whose prophetic mission is to assist the Church in her efforts to form Christian communities whose center of life is the Eucharist.

We work in partnership with committed lay men and women in promoting knowledge and love of the Eucharist.

We serve in a wide variety of ministries:

  • administering parishes and shrines
  • celebrating the sacraments
  • conduct formation and evangelization  programs
  • manage schools
  • teaching
  • writing
  • facilitating retreats and recollections
  • promoting Christian unity and interfaith dialogue
  • involvement in social ministries that serve the poor
  • extending hospitality to priests and offering programs of spiritual formation of the clergy.

Gathered in fraternal communities of prayer and apostolic service, we seek to give a more explicit witness to the transforming power of the Eucharist.