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The Association of the Friends of Father Eymard celebrates its General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Association of the Friends of Father Eymard in Matheysine was held at 3 p.m. on Friday 24 November 2023 in the large parish hall of La Mure.

  • It comprised about thirty people, the majority of the members of the association, who are more or less active in the work, the aim of which is to make St Peter-Julian Eymard and his Eucharistic spirituality better known.
  • In fact, because of some good will, we receive pilgrims from all over the world, such as those who came this year: some Servants of the Blessed Sacrament, lay people, religious of the Blessed Sacrament from Colombia, the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Vietnam, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Romania.
  • At the General Assembly we were able to recall all these visits, but also other activities organized by the Centre of Spirituality: presenting radio broadcasts, conferences, formation days, pilgrim walks... Without forgetting the running of the Exhibition (Museum dedicated to Father Eymard located at 67 Rue du Breuil, open to the public every Monday morning, and on Wednesdays during the summer period).
  • If the members of the Administrative Council (François Roland, Mireille Brondello, Charlotte and François Cherrier, Father Thaddée) express their satisfaction about the success of all these activities, they nevertheless recall that these entail a significant human cost: the welcoming pilgrims requires many “little hands” (preparing the house, leading pilgrims to the places of visit, contacting various places of pilgrimage, planning their meals, ensuring the maintenance of the house during and after their visit, necessary repairs, gardening, but also attending to various means of communication, providing service of reception at Eymard House, etc.). For this, we know that we can count on persons whose faithful help is very precious to us, though their number is unfortunately insufficient to be able to organize shifts or small teams with very definite tasks. Our objective this year will be to ensure that this service is less demanding.
  • Furthermore, aware of the limitations of some of our current proposals (in particular the formation days which had little response the previous year), and eager to be able to meet the expectations and needs of our contemporaries better, our heartfelt desire is to be capable of providing new spiritual activities. However, in order to carry out this real in-depth work and reflection, we have to be able to free ourselves from the purely functional activities involved at Eymard House that could be less demanding if we were more numerous. Here’s an invitation to anyone who would like to be useful!!
  • Apropos a more material point of view, the Association’s investment projects for this year will be to commence working on accessibility for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM)* at our various sites (Chapel, Exhibition and Eymard House), to complete the work undertaken on the facade of the Museum so as to render it more visible and attractive, and to undertake some modernization work on Eymard House (in particular, the remote control of heating to avoid energy losses).

As you can see, the Association has no shortage of ideas, only volunteers to implement them! Most eager to carry out a work demanding care and completion, we count on your support!

Furthermore, it is important to note that certain members of the administrative council have been changed. Thus, Father Louis Bunga succeeds Father Antoine Makela, and Marie-Colette Bourdon replaces Mireille Brondello as treasurer.

Immense gratitude to Father Antoine and Mireille Brondello for all the work they have done and the energy spent to ensure the missions of the Association.

Finally, may we invite you, each according to your graces, to support the Eucharistic work of Saint Peter-Julian Eymard, this saint from Isère, an apostle of the Eucharist.

On behalf of the Administration of the Association ‘The Friends of Father Eymard in Matheysine,


Charlotte and François Cherrier
Responsible for welcome at Eymard House.

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