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Every year, on August 2nd, the Blessed Sacrament Congregation solemnly celebrates the feast of Saint Peter Julian Eymard, Apostle of the Eucharist and Founder of the Congregation. Today, 2nd August 2023, the Province of Vietnam is pleased to welcome 5 members making their perpetual vows and 8 members making their first vows.

Today's Mass was beautiful. Every attendant seemed to mingle with our religious in the rite of making their vows. The vow leads both readers and listeners to the sublime beauty of a consecrated life that is committed to serving God and serving others, as it is written: “… I wish to live the Paschal Mystery, to internalize it in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, and to share with others the life that springs from it. … Grant that I may work at building a world founded on justice and love, so that the Reign of Christ may come and your glory be revealed to the world.” (Formula of religious profession)

As a member of the Congregation, I gave thanks to God for being able to attend this dedication Mass. Thank God that He has graciously given the Province of Vietnam more young vocations. Thank God for igniting in the Vietnamese youth the desire to commit themselves to lighting the fire of faith and love for the Eucharist following in the footsteps of St. Eymard. Thank God that He has planted and nurtured the Congregation to be present and grow every day for the past 50 years in Vietnam.

May the fervor of today's brothers always burn in tomorrow's Eucharistic mission. May you be evangelical witnesses to a world in dire need of witnesses, a world in need of the Eucharist, a need to return to the source and summit of the faith, so that the Reign of Christ may come and God’s glory be revealed to the world.


Father Peter Tien Nguyen, sss

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