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Ordinations in Congo

Five confreres of our SSS congregation were among those receiving priestly ordination, namely: Fathers Aubin Lundgren Veires Nsiantimane, Berna Mampouya, Ephège Jeal Dhurvy Baloula, Marcel Vallières Bissouaki Balenda and Romaric Youry Nzouba Odzobakingou


This year the Church of the Congo celebrates the 140th anniversary of Evangelization. This celebration was carried out in three phases spread over each of three Ecclesiastical Provinces: the first, in the Ecclesiastical Province of the North (PENORD); the second, in the South-West Ecclesiastical Province (PESO); and the third in the Central Ecclesiastical Province (PEC).

On Sunday, 21 May 2023, the PESO for its part was enlivened by the rhythm of the celebration of the 140th anniversary of Evangelization in Loango Bay (in the Archdiocese of Pointe-Noire). Continuity of the mission was expressed and symbolized at this great celebration by the ordinations of four diocesan deacons and six religious priests.

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Pointe Noire, His Excellency Miguel Angel Olaverri, in encouraging the ordinands to follow the steps of the missionaries, reminded them that “the ministry of diaconate and priesthood does not consist in a power to dominate others or social advancement, but it means service of people, who become the focus and subject of their love in the name of Him who spent his life doing good and serving in humility.”

The commemoration of Evangelization is significantly important for the Church in the Congo. Indeed, it is a fitting occasion on which to honour the valiant pioneers of Evangelization who have dedicated their lives to spreading the Gospel. So, it is worth pointing out that the choice of the site of Loango is very significant since it represents the gateway of Evangelization to the Congo.

There were several important persons and delegations present at the festivities. From among these we mention: Monsignor Stanislas Lalanne, the Bishop of Pontoise; the Reverend Father Ghislain Cossette, Superior of the generous Province of Saint John the Baptist of Canada; a large delegation of the aggregation of the Blessed Sacrament, and other representatives of various SSS parishes.

In sum, without exaggerating we can say that it was a beautiful and important celebration. On the one hand, it was a great expression of synodality for the Church of the Congo; on the other hand, an expression of gratitude for our Congregation that has just received the gift of five priests. Long live the charismatic family, long live the prestigious Cardinal Emile Biayenda Region, and “may everything glorify the Most Holy Eucharist”!


Father Divin Maboundou Ngongo, sss
Regional Secretary

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