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Episcopal Ordination in Brazil

Mgr. Eugênio Barbosa Martins, sss
Bishop of São João da Boa Vista
April 7, 2024


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Epsiscopal  Ordination 3

 Papal Bull


The Episcopal Coat of Arms

Accepting Another Bishop’s Staff

The crosier / “staff” belonged to our brother bishop, Mons. Aldo di Cillo Pagoto. In fact, it was one of his croziers. After his death, it was given to the provincial house as a souvenir. The provincial, Father Marcelo Carlos Da Silva, sss, kindly offered it to me to be used possibly at my episcopal ordination and in my ministry. I welcomed it as a manifestation of God’s kindness, since Mons. Aldo, during the period of his novitiate in the city of Uberaba – Minas Gerais, was the vocation promoter who directed me to the formation path in the Blessed Sacrament Community of Saint Ifigênia – São Paulo.

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Father Marcelo asked a craftsman in Belo Horizonte to polish the wood of the crosier and insert the symbol of our congregational cross, thus personalising this insignia. In addition to the work done on the crosier, the craftsman also made a beautiful case, in which I can store it safely and carry it to the celebrations where it will be used.

Choosing the image behind the altar

The team responsible for the decoration of the stadium, where the celebration of the ordination and inauguration took place, carried it out in accordance with the spirit of my choice of the episcopal motto and coat of arms. The panel portrays the evangelical scene from Saint John’s Gospel, chapter 13, where Eucharistic spirituality is enacted in Jesus’ gesture of washing the feet of the disciples.

Epsiscopal  Ordination 7

Epsiscopal  Ordination 81

“and he began to wash the disciples' feet”


Indications of what my mission will be in the future

Initially my mission focuses on getting to know the 35 permanent deacons, 4 transitional deacons, 17 priests from different religious Congregations, 62 priests incardinated in the Diocese belonging to the New Communities and the 124 diocesan priests. In this initial task I am committed to becoming acquainted with the various Pastoral Coordinated Organisations (17), Ecclesial Movements (15) New Communities (16), Female Religious Congregations (8) and Consecrated Lay Women and Secular Institutes. This significant group of pastoral workers and missionaries are distributed across the 79 parishes that constitute the Diocese, in the three stages of the formation of seminarians (a total of 36) and in the services of the Diocesan Curia.

The next step will be to bring together all these pastoral and missionary forces to draw up a Diocesan Pastoral Plan, in communion with the guidelines given by the Conference of the Bishops of Brazil.



Rev. Eugênio Barbosa Martins, sss
Bishop of São João da Boa Vista

Epsiscopal  Ordination 9



Message of the General Superior, Fr Benzy sss


A memorable moment


It was a great joy to participate the episcopal ordination of Bishop Eugênio Barbosa Martins SSS in Brazil. We thank God for his vocation to our Congregation as well as for his service and contribution at various levels especially as Superior General in the last two terms.

Now God has called him to continue his mission as the bishop of São João da Boa Vista. Eymardian Family is very happy that we could offer one of our precious gifts to the church.

The Congregation will surely miss his experience, wisdom and presence. We keep him in our prayer that God may continue to bless him and guide him.

Members of all the four branches of the Eymardian Family were present for the episcopal ordination. Yes, it was a manifestation of fraternal solidarity and made the moment memorable.

Benzy Eug Marcelo

Fr. Benzy, Rev Eugênio, Fr. Marcelo

It is worth to be noted that Bp. Eugênio Barbosa Martins SSS is the fifth SSS bishop from Brazil. We pray and wish that the Province of Guadalupe continue to give testimony to our Eucharistic life and mission. May they be blessed with many vocations.

Dear Bishop Eugênio Barbosa Martins SSS, the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament continues to pray for you. May our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament protect you and our holy founder Peter Julian Eymard continue to inspire all of us and intercede for us.


Father Philip Benzy Romician, sss
General Superior



Message of the General Consultor, Fr Francisco sss


The Rule of Life n. 35, recalls our vocation "in union with the Church" and teaches: "We work in close union with the bishops". This Sacramentino communion with the pastors of the Church is expressed in a very special way through the gifts that the Congregation makes to the Church by the presence of our Sacramentinos bishops, and especially in recent days, more specifically on the 7th of April, 2024 the second Sunday of Easter, with the episcopal ordination of our brother in consecrated life Mgr. Eugênio Barbosa Martins, SSS.

Mgr. Eugênio Barbosa Martins, SSS, as well as several bishops, were joined by the Sacramentinos bishops, Mgr. Martin Tine, SSS (Senegal), Mgr. Hernaldo Pinto, SSS (Brazil) and Mgr. Jorge Bezerra, SSS (Brazil).


from left to right: Fr Olivier, Fr John Thomas,
Fr Benzy, Rev Eugênio, Fr José Antonio,
Rev Hernaldo, Rev Martin, Fr Francisco, Fr Marcelo

With the clergy in general and consecrated life, the Eymardian Family experienced a unique moment of ecclesial communion. Together with Father General, Philip Benzy Romician, SSS and the two General Consultors, Fr José Antônio Rivera Ruiz, SSS and Fr Francisco Jr De Oliveira Marques, SSS, were the Provincial Superiors: Fr Marcelo Carlos Da Silva, SSS (Guadalupe, Argen-tina, Brazil, Chile), Fr Carlos José Sierra Ro-drigues, SSS (John XXIII, Colombia, Peru), Fr John Thomas Lane, SSS (Saint Ann, USA), Fr Olivier Ndondo, SSS (Isidore Bakanja, DR-Congo), as well as many Sacramentinos religious and formands.

The Aggregation of the Blessed Sacrament was present through dozens of associates of the Lay Sacramentinos, whom we represented here by Mrs Ilza Bicalho, Provincial Coordinator, as well as the various aggregate adorers. Also present were representatives of the Servitium Christi and the Servants of the Blessed Sacrament.

Gathered as a single Eucharistic ecclesial body were all four branches of our Eymardian Family celebrating the ordination and canonical investiture of our dear Bishop Eugênio Barbosa Martins, SSS in the Diocese of São João da Boa Vista, State of São Paulo


 Francisco 1  Francisco 2

At the scheduled time 8am, we gathered to prepare for the entrance procession. The liturgy coordinators made a point of placing the General Council and the Provincials together with the Bishops, recalling the specific vocation of service of those who take on this mission of government in consecrated life.

Surrounded by the crowd of faithful singing "Holy Church, temple of the Lord, glory to you, Holy Church, oh city of Christians", Christ, led the Church through the entrance procession to experience a Eucharistic moment of kairós and unforgettable joy.

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Ribeirão Preto, Mgr. Moacir Silva, in his homily exhorts and recalls the mission of a bishop. He said: "The episcopate is a service and not an honour, the bishop should be distinguished more by the service given than by the honours received". He went on to quote the episcopal theme of Mgr. Eugênio, SSS: "and he began to wash the disciples' feet".

The ordination celebration was filled with piety and beauty, and soon after, Mgr. Eugênio, SSS was taken up and continued to preside at the Eucharist. After the two tables, the Table of the Word and the Table of Eucharistic Communion, we continued by celebrating the third table, the Table of Agape or fraternity.

We concluded this unforgettable moment with lunch for everyone at a parish near the place of ordination and canonical investiture. At the Agape table, we shared our joys and our fraternity, remembering that it's so good to be Sacramentinos.


Father Francisco Jr De Oliveira Marques, sss
General Consultor

 Francisco 3

 Francisco 4



Message of the Provincial Superior, Fr John Thomas sss


I had the honor of representing the USA SSS by being present on Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7, 2024, for the ordination celebrations of our SSS Brazilian and 15th Superior General Eugênio Barbosa Martins SSS in the city of São João da Boa Vista in the state of São Paulo (SP), Brazil. (The patron saint of the city and diocese is Saint John the Baptist, and due to the beautiful mountains surrounding the valley, city, and diocese, it achieves this name “Good View.”)

Many SSS religious from across the globe, mainly from Brazil and almost a hundred Aggregates of the Blessed Sacrament (Associates) from across Brazil also attended. Here is a brief highlight of some important milestones in his life.

Bishop Eugênio Barbosa Martins SSS is the son of Beatriz Barbosa Martins and Manual Martins de Sousa, born in Araguari (Triangulo Mineiro), Brazil. After graduating with a degree in philosophy, he joined the novitiate of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament in 1983 at Belo Horizonte.

After his studies, he was ordained a deacon on May 3, 1987, and a priest the following year on January 25, 1988, in Uberaba, Brazil. He served in his province as novice director and pastor twice (Uberaba and Belo Horizonte), provincial superior, and president of the Conference of Religious for Brazil. 

John Thomas 1

At the 34th General Chapter held in Rome in 2011, Bishop Eugênio was elected on May 16 as the 15th General Superior. He served for 12 years in the ministry in the leadership of the Congregation. At the 36th General Chapter in Thu Duc, Vietnam, his term ended when, on Monday, November 20, 2023, Indian Blessed Sacrament Father Philip Benzy Romician SSS was elected the 16th General Superior.

On January 4, 2024, Pope Francis appointed Eugênio the seventh bishop of São João da Boa Vista, SP.

The principal ordaining bishop was Archbishop Moacir Silva from Ribeira o Preto. The co-ordaining bishops (there are always three principal bishops who lead the rite) were the other two current SSS bishops in Brazil, Bishop Jorge Alves Bezerra SSS of the Diocese of Paracatu (ordained in 2008), and Bishop Hernaldo Pinto Farias SSS of the Diocese of Bonfim (ordained in 2019).

Before the ordination on Friday night (after an 8-hour bus trip from my SAC meetings in Belo Horizonte), “Bishop-elect Eugênio” had us over to his new house for a reception and Mass for all the SSS present who had just arrived, Associates, students and priests. We had a beautiful Mass where we shared memories and appreciated the history, life, and ministry of Bishop Eugênio. He shared his gratitude for his vocation and call to this service in the Church, but his dear admiration and love for the Eymardian Family with which he would be sharing this ordination. Later, other diocesan priests attended during the dinner to share in the festivities.

On Saturday, all the visitors went on bus tours of the city, the diocesan museum (on the lower floor of the bishop’s house), the cathedral, and a special luncheon.

In the evening, even more guests, most of the Brazilian SSS (associates, Servitium Christi, sister Servants, pre-novices, 2nd year novices, a few students, brothers, and ordained priests – yes, all 4-branches of the Eymardian Family) arrived for a pizza party at a nearby large restaurant.

John Thomas 2

With temperatures in the 80s, sunny skies, and barely a breeze, the warm weather measured the barometer of our hearts, which were just as warm when we saw the Eymardian Family together in this very small city with a big and welcoming heart. Over 3,000 gathered early the following day to participate in the ordination at the city college’s basketball arena, made into a sanctuary for this momentous occasion. So many gathered and knew we visitors were in their city for such an historic occasion in the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.

John ThomasAs a Congregation, we are blessed to have been honored by the popes from John Paul II, Benedict, and Francis to have so many bishops for “such a small family in the Church”. We were honored to be part of a history-making event with Bishop Eugênio’s excellent episcopal motto: e começou a lavar os pes dos discipulos (Portuguese) for John 13:5, “and he began to wash the feet of his disciples.” In his final words of the Mass, before his first blessing as bishop, Bishop Eugênio promised to “wash the feet of the diocese” to care and serve with his Eucharistic heart, warm with gratitude and honor. He gave a short catechesis on Saint Peter Julian Eymard and his forever Eymardian Family.

May Bishop Eugênio serve the Diocese of São João da Boa Vista and the Church of Brazil long and well. Our prayers continue to accompany him on this journey, which will always have a “beautiful view!”


Father John Thomas Lane, sss
Provincial Superior of Saint Ann




Bem vindo


Last April 7, 2024, second Sunday in the octave of Easter - Divine Mercy Sunday, the Diocese of São João in Brazil witnessed the historical moment of the episcopal ordination and inauguration of the seventh bishop of the diocese, Rev. Eugênio Barbosa Martins, sss, who takes over the diocese following the resignation of Rev. José Carlos Brandão Cabral.

The diocesan priests spearheaded several teams to be involved putting the decorations and in organizing various plans, programs and protocols so that everyone could be received with dignity at the Community Integration Centre (CIC) Gymnasium that Sunday morning.

The ceremony, held at the city's CIC Gymnasium, was attended to by more than 3,500 people, including archbishops, bishops, priests, deacons, seminarians, religious men and women, consecrated lay people, new communities, representatives from different movements and pastoral ministries, as well as civil and military authorities from the region, and the presence of Rev. Eugênio's family.

The event was marked by an atmosphere of joyful celebration and spiritual fervour, with moments of prayer, reflection, songs and communion. Bishop Eugênio Barbosa Martins, sss was welcomed by the region's Catholic community with enthusiasm, support and with great expectation to lead the diocese. The animator of the celebration was Fr. João Candido da Silva Neto, who joyfully and enthusiastically led the announcement of the deaneries, cities and authorities present. The songs, with a repertoire that led everyone to prayer and meditation, were performed by the diocesan choir, conducted by Fr. Anderson Lopes Daniel.

The event was masterfully broadcast live by a dedicated team, led by the ecclesiastical advisor of the Pastoral of Communication, Fr. Mario Donizete Adorno; accompanied by the communications advisor, Eduardo Cunha; with photographs taken by Marcos Covre from the Pastoral of Communication of Santa Cruz das Palmeiras; and Miguel Ângelo from the Pastoral of Communication of Vargem Grande do Sul. Jaqueline Terzi as in charge of social media coverage, ensuring that the moment was shared and celebrated by an even wider audience.

The episcopal ordination and canonical possession of Bishop Eugênio Barbosa Martins, sss, marks a new chapter in the history of the Diocese of São João da Boa Vista, inspiring the faithful to renew their commitment to the faith and mission of the Catholic Church in the region. The ordaining bishop was the metropolitan archbishop of Ribeirão Preto and apostolic administrator, Rev. Moacir Silva, with co-ordaining bishops Rev. Hernaldo Pinto Farias, bishop of Bonfim in Bahia and Rev. Jorge Alves Bezerra, current bishop of the Diocese of Paracatu, both belonging to the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. The celebration was attended by the bishop emeritus of São João, Rev. José Carlos Brandão Cabral; the fifth bishop of the diocese, Rev. Emidio Antonio Villar, SDB; as well as bishops who were born in the diocese and who today exercise their mission in other communities. Also present in the celebration were Rev. Paulo Mendes Peixoto, metropolitan archbishop of Uberaba (MG); Rev. Aurélio Pinto de Sousa, diocesan bishop of Quixadá (CE); Rev. José Francisco Rodrigues do Rêgo, diocese of Ipameri (GO); Rev. Martin Boucar Tine, sss, diocese of Kaolack, Senegal; Fr. Philip Benzy Romician, sss, India, Superior General of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament; Fr Marcelo Carlos Da Silva, sss, Provincial Superior of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament; and some other SSS priests and religious.

"Through the ministry of the bishop, it is Christ who continues to proclaim the Gospel and to distribute the sacraments of faith to those who believe. Through the bishop's fatherly concern, it is Christ who incorporates new members into the Church. Through the wisdom and prudence of the bishop, it is Christ who leads his people on this earthly pilgrimage to eternal happiness", as meditated and proclaimed by Bishop Moacir Silva during his brief and profound homily.

"My deep gratitude to Pope Francis, who is recognised as a tireless pilgrim of the Gospel of Jesus, incarnating it in the challenging realities of our time. Aware of my fragility, but seeking to respond positively to my appointment as bishop of this church of São João da Boa Vista, I profess my full communion with the Bishop of Rome and the entire Apostolic College that he presides over, and it is in this understanding of witness and synodality that I will seek to exercise my episcopal ministry", as expressed by Bishop Eugênio at the beginning of his speech after his ordination and appointment.

Bem vindo 1


On 4 January, 2024, Pope Francis appointed Father Eugênio Barbosa Martins, superior general of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (SSS), to the diocese of São João da Boa Vista (SP).

The ecclesial career of Rev. Eugênio Barbosa Martins, sss:

Rev. Eugênio Barbosa was born on 5 September 1960 in the city of Araguari (MG). He made his religious profession in the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (SSS) on 25 January 1984. He was ordained a priest on 9 December 1989.

He studied philosophy at the São Bento Institute of Philosophy in São Paulo and theology at the São Paulo Institute of Theology. After ordination, he carried out the following services and ministries: Responsible for Vocations Ministry (1988-1994); Formator of postulates (1988-1996); Master of novices (1998-2001); parish priest of the Resurrection parish in Uberaba (1996-2000); Provincial Consultor (1993-2002); Provincial Superior (2002-2010); Member of the Conference of Religious of the Belo Horizonte regional office (1994-2000); Parish priest of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem in Belo Horizonte (1997-2011); Member of the International Commission for the Formation of SSS Religious (2000-2002); President of the Latin American SSS Conference (2003-2010); and Superior General (2011-2023).


Father Mario Donizete Adorno
Ecclesiastical advisor of the Pastoral of Communication
Diocese of São João da Boa Vista

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