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Sharing of Fr. Emil Indika Rodrigo, sss

We thank Fr. Emil Indika Rodrigo sss, who has been in Italy since 2019 and who introduces himself in this article, and we are grateful to the Province of Sri Lanka for continuing to collaborate in sharing our sss mission as a sign of internationality.


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"My studies of missiology provide me a kind of introduction and support to appreciate the needs and mentality of the Church in Europe."

I am Emil Indika Rodrigo and am forty-four years old. I was ordained a priest in 2010. I was living in Halgashena and was a parish priest for almost four years. I accepted the invitation of my Father Provincial, Fr. Dilan Fernando, to be a missionary in Italy.

On 5 October 2019 I arrived in Rome (my first trip to Europe) in view of serving in the community of Bolsena following studying Missiology. My first residence was the community of the Canadian Martyrs. I have had the good fortunate to belong to this large international community of eymardian brothers. My stay in this community has helped me to adapt to the new environment and to prepare me to commence my studies. The Father Superior General, members of the General Council and others of the community made my stay pleasant and assisted me to go ahead. I offer all of them heartfelt thanks.

After staying about three months in this community, in January 2020, I joined the community of San Claudio, where I remained somewhat longer. This was very advantageous for my studies since the community is close to the Gregorian University. I greatly appreciate the paternal love and sensitivity of Fr. Alberto. With much gratitude I remember Fr. Vittorio, who helped me in learning Italian, and also Fathers Giuseppe, Paolo and Mauro for their love and companionship.

Following a year and a half of wonderful experiences in this community, I finally joined the community of Bolsena in August last year (2021). Following two years of study, this experience that is renewing me. I am now adapting to this new pastoral environment. My studies of missiology provide me a kind of introduction and support to appreciate the needs and mentality of the Church in Europe. And I am also very grateful to Fathers Maurizio, Milos and Antonio for their guidance and giving me many opportunities to be involved in pastoral activities, community life, and learning the language. It is also encouraging to enter into contact with parishioners who welcome and appreciate me.

Lastly, but no less importantly, I express thanks and sincere appreciation to Father Domenico, the Provincial Superior and his Council, who have welcomed me and Fr. Herald, giving us the opportunity to be of service in the parish and shrine of Bolsena.


From the Notiziario n.22, December 2021
Province “Our Lady of the Bl. Sacrament” - SSS Religious in Italy and Spain

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