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Amplified General Council 2021

The Amplified General Council (AGC) is an expression of fundamental government in the life of our Congregation. It comprises the members of the General Council and the SSS Provincial/Regional Superiors. As we told you last year, the AGC that was to take place in May 2020, had to be postponed because of the pandemic, and then rescheduled to 2021.

Because of the uncertainty of the possibility of travelling, it had been decided at the beginning of the year to celebrate the AGC by means of virtual communication. Our AGC thus took place from 3 to 21 May 2021, each participant being in front of his screen (of computer, laptop, tablet) in a video conference, organized by the General Council in Rome.

CGA 2021 2

That has been a new experience of communication and communion, rather restrictive and tiring because of the great difference in the time zones between the different countries where our Provincial/Regional Superiors live.

In the end, everything went well and the members of the AGC were able to carry out their work of presenting reports, reflection, discussion, making final decisions, and preparing the 36th General Chapter.

The main stages of this work will be presented to you shortly through the publication of issue 88 of Ensemble/Together,

27 May 2021

The SSS General Secretariat

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