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Fr. Lino Emilio Díez Valladares, new member of the Centre of Pastoral Liturgy

During the Ordinary General Assembly of the Centre of Pastoral Liturgy of Barcelona (CPL) that held a meeting on 23 June by internet two new members were appointed: Lino Emilio Díez Valladares and Daniel Palau Valero.

P Lino ValladresLino Emilio Díez Valladares is a religious of the Blessed Sacrament Congregation and a priest, parish priest of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament church in Madrid, a professor at the Superior Institute of Pastoral theology (UPSA). He was a member of the National Secretariat of Liturgy. He is a member of the Council of Phase, collaboration of Misa Dominical and member of the team responsible for Galilea.153.

The CPL is a public association of the faithful of the Church of Barcelona, which has 25 members and its main objective is to work for liturgical formation, integrated into pastoral activity as a whole. Complementing the CPL, a broad editorial, pastoral and educational activity is developed. To help with liturgical formation, the CPL publishes four magazines (Misa Dominical, Phase, Liturgia y Espiritualidad and Galilea.153), which are widely distributed and provide various collections of books for the study and promotion of the liturgy.

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Father Lino Emilio Diez Valladares, sss

Born in Madrid on 27 May 1962 to a family from León. A Blessed Sacrament religious (1981), priest (1987). Parish priest of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Madrid since September 2004. Doctor in Sacred Liturgy, at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of the Ateneo San Anselmo (Rome), on 15 June 2002.

Professor of liturgy at the Faculty of Theology at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas of Madrid (2006-2016). Professor of “Pastoral Liturgy” (2014- ...) and "Pastoral Theology of the Sacraments" (2015- ...) at the Higher Institute of Pastoral Theology in the Faculty of Theology at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, in Madrid, as well as at the Theological Institute of Religious Life (UPSA, Madrid) and at the Regina Apostolorum School (Madrid); furthermore, he teaches courses at the School of Liturgy in the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences "San Isidoro y San Leandro" of Seville (2006-…).

As a permanent consultant to the Secretariat of the Episcopal Liturgical Commission of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (February 2003-February 2015), he was secretary of the Commissions for the revision of the Spanish translation for Spain of the third typical edition of the Roman Missal (2003-2010) and of the Commission for the Review of Liturgical Lectionaries (2011-2014). He is likewise a consultant of the National Delegate for the International Eucharistic Congresses of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (June 2011-…).

A member of the Episcopal Delegation of Liturgy and Heritage of the Archdiocese of Madrid, and of the Spanish Association of Teachers of Liturgy. He has published more than a hundred articles and collaborates in specialised magazines, in collective works, etc.

A member of the Liturgical Pastoral Centre since 2020, collaborator of the magazine « Misa Dominical» (2012-…), member of the Editorial Board of the magazine «Phase» (2005- ...), a magazine linked to the Higher Institute of Liturgy at Barcelona, and the team responsible for the magazine «Galilea.153» (2020-…).

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