Is God calling you to be a priest or brother – "Apostle of the Eucharist"?




By faith, across the centuries, men and women of all ages, whose names are
written in the Book of Life … have confessed the beauty of following the Lord
Jesus wherever they were called to bear witness to the fact that they were
Christian: in the family, in the workplace, in public life, in the exercise of the
charisms and ministries to which they were called.

– Pope Benedict XVI, Muto proprio, Porta Fidei  (11/10/11)


The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament is a religious community of priests and brothers founded by St. Peter Julian Eymard. Our ideal is to live a life of love for God and neighbor however the mystery of Christ’s Eucharist calls us to be, i.e., to become living Eucharist for others.

Each province of our congregation around the world have their own approach of welcoming and helping men to the Sacramentino way of life.  Generally, a candidate goes through the process of Aspirancy-Postulancy-Novitiate-Scholasticate. Depending on the circumstances of the candidate, some provinces have other periods of preparation.

At the conclusion of the formation years, if the brother and the Congregation are willing, he makes a life-long  commitment to the Sacramentino way of life with the final profession of  religious vows. After which, those who are geared to the priesthood are ordained first as deacons and finally as priests.

Is God calling you to be a priest or brother – Apostle of the Eucharist?

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