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The 25th hour at La Mure - “A path of light”

25ème heure La Mure3On the night of 27 October 2018 we gained an hour with the switch to winter time. The Association of Sanctuary Cities in France suggested a way to live this additional 25th hour differently.

For this year’s way of realising this, the whole of the Matheysine district became linked with the sanctuary of Our Lady of La Salette to celebrate this 25th hour.

The Association of “the Friends of Father Eymard in Matheysine” proposed a journey to visit the room where Father Eymard died 150 years ago, a short walk to the Eymard Chapel and the presentation of the three new windows. This itinerary closed with a musical entertainment provided by recorder playing.

At 4 p.m. about fifteen people went up to the 2nd floor of 67 rue de Breuil, where Peter-Julian Eymard lived his last days. The stages of his life were recalled briefly. A text from his writings emphasised the mystery of the Eucharist, the “heart of his existence” (PR 149,13).

In the chapel, almost forty people took part in the presentation of the stained glass windows and the history of the chapel.

25e heure2

The afternoon event closed with musical entertainment. Various pieces of music, played on a variety of flutes, were well adapted to the setting.

A text from Father Eymard showed the link between light, stained glass and the Eucharist: “The Eucharist is light; it enlightens every man who places no obstruction to its light. Its light is gentle and penetrating, great and pure, strong and powerful. (…) It penetrates the soul deeply as the solar rays penetrate a crystal, making it like a fireplace of light” (St Peter-Julian Eymard, PG 283,2).

At 8:25 p.m., as in the other 17 sanctuary cities of the Association, the bells of the church at La Mure were rung.

Father Manuel Barbiero, sss


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