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“Sprouts of peace: let's safeguard the future together” Towards the Eurocamp 2024 (Olera-BG, 28 July – 4 August)

At a global level we are experiencing ever more pressing problems in the ecological, climatic and economic fields, as well as a dramatic influx of migrations due to wars, persecution and famine. The need to be aware of it – as well as Pope Francis’ continued appeals to pray for peace, respect for creation and the dignity of human life – have impelled us this year to propose the week of sharing with young people in Europe, by focusing also on an objective of helping to discover or rediscover how each of us is called to become an instrument “of God our Father, so that our planet might be what he desired when he created it and correspond with his plan for peace, beauty and fullness.” (Laudato Si' [=LS], 53).

In order to experience thoroughly a dimension of essentiality, sharing and contact with nature we chose to stay at the hostel in Olera, a small village in the municipality of Alzano Lombardy, located at the beginning of the Seriana Valley, in the province of Bergamo. In this context we believe that it will be easier to approach life with reciprocal attentiveness (LS 226), to see and judge from a loving viewpoint activity inspired by an ecological spirituality (LS 211), to realize that we have a responsibility towards others and towards the world (LS 229), to rediscover how small gestures of love can contribute toward making society more human (LS 230, 231).

As always, at the centre of the Eurocamp week there will be the Eucharist prayed, celebrated and lived: an act of cosmic love, thanksgiving for everything that God gives us, a source of light and motivation for our concerns about the environment, an orientation to be guardians of all creation (LS 236). Participants will also have the joy of getting to know two Blessed Sacrament communities: that of Milan, St. Angela Merici, where we will stop on Wednesday 31 July for a time of prayer before visiting the city; and that of Ponteranica, with which we will celebrate the feast of the founder St. Peter Julian Eymard and share lunch.

Fr. Ermes Ronchi writes: “The world is a germinating reality and so is every creature, and we are in the world ‘for the flowering of being’ (Romano Guardini), to promote – even just by a small step – the good, the talents good, the story of joy... God bestows life to those who produce love. God is the inexhaustible wellspring of the cosmos, our task is to become its fruitful fragrant summer.”

With this hope, aware that each of us is called to safeguard and bring about a future to Creation, we ask you once again to be promoters of the Eurocamp, an experience of eucharistic life with young people from Europe, by speaking about it and inviting the young people you know to take part in it. But we also ask you to accompany us with friendship and prayer.


On behalf of the Eurocamp,
Father Maurizio Zorzi, sss

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