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The experience of the Eymardian Places of the SSS religious in the Province Saint John XXIII

“I have been like Jacob, always on the move”


Peter Julian Eymard was a pilgrim throughout his life. He travelled great distances to places that helped him to be closer to God. The power of these places remained with him and brought him back, to reflect and pray, give thanks and be renewed by his experience of God.

From 11 to 30 April 2023 our brothers Fr Alfredo, Fr Alex, Fr Elibien, Fr Christopher, Fr Francisco, Deacon Juan David, Deacon Wilmer and Fr Camille, their guide, lived the experience of following the steps of our founder Saint Peter Julian Eymard.

The Eymardian places are the environment where Eymard found God. These are also the places where we can find Eymard, in the churches and sanctuaries that he loved, the villages and cities where he lived and worked and where he experienced many significant events.


Colombia-Peru, NOTIBIP No. 90 – April 2023

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