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Eucharistic Meal in Lima, Peru

To participate in the banquet of the Lord around the table
(Lk 14:15-23)

There is only one Eymardian Eucharistic Spirituality, but it has been adapted to the different socio-cultural contexts where the Blessed Sacrament religious live and put into context according to an appropriate reading of the sign of times in harmony with the Second Vatican Council. Each year, the Blessed Sacrament tradition calls the Eymardian family to organize the “Eucharistic Meal”, a primordial and meaningful event that assists us to deepen the values of the Eucharist, to help the faithful to become aware of their spiritual identity and to strengthen the foundations of their path of living around the fount of the Eucharist. The Eucharist inspires us with the great love of Jesus, it is the anticipation of the banquet of the Kingdom here on earth (cf. PG 144: OC X92).

The Eucharistic Meal took place in Lima on 22 October 2022, from 7 to 10 pm. It was organized by Fr Elibien Joseph sss and the members of the SSS Lay people’s Aggregation (ALLS) from Lima. The topic chosen was Participation in the banquet of the Kingdom of God around the table. It was approached from a dynamic of fraternity, feeding and nourishment existence around the table and it was inspired by the pericope of Lk 14:15-23.

This event was structured in three different moments.

  1. A fraternal and friendly welcome, accompanied by a moment prayer, which was creative, open, fraternal and focused by the perspective of reaching the other. After prayer there was a brief reflection regarding the relationship between the “Eucharistic table” and the “family table”, guided by Fr Elibien Joseph SSS.
  1. A moment of sharing in an environment focused by the spirit of listening and moving towards the other through experiencing fraternity around the table. This moment was aimed at relating life to the Eucharistic Spirituality, welcoming the call of the Lord in Luke’s gospel. Whereas many declined the invitation for many reasons, but the people present at the gatherings welcomed the invitation to be present at the feast of the banquet, contemplating the revealing presence of God in each person taking part.
  1. The whole development of the Meal was integrated with a creative dynamic, animated with Eucharistic and spiritual music. This is because the banquet of the Lord entails an atmosphere for celebration, joy and enthusiasm of everyone living a Christian spirituality that above all springs from the Eucharist.
 The main message highlighted by this Meal can be summarized as understanding the banquet from a spiritual, human and eucharistic perspective.


Eucharistic Meal 1

It was clear for everyone present that the Eucharistic table becomes a fount of inspiration for life in the family, for being open and caring towards each other, for dialogue and integration. In this respect a spirituality springing from the table builds us up in divine love, humanizes us and helps us to be more Christian in a Eucharistic perspective. It is a sign of contemplating life that is orientated towards unity in diversity, guides family and eucharistic union and strengthens communion.


Father Elibien Joseph, sss
Community of Lima

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