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Wednesday, 27 July 2022 08:16

Solemnity of Pentecost - Madrid, 5 June 2022

Come Holy Spirit, Renew us with Your Love!


Parroquia del Santísimo Sacramento
C/ Alcalde Sainz de Baranda, 3

28009 Madrid - Spain


“Today communion and fraternity triumph, today the synodal journey is strengthened, to make roads together, today we are sent with a burning fire within us”. This is a part of Fr. Allen's homily during the historic event, the welcoming and the promise of commitment of the 10 members of Aggregation of the Blessed Sacrament. After a year of formation under the CLASS (Curso de los Laicos Asociados del Santisimo Sacramento), which is a collaboration of catechists, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, lectors and adorers, they have completed their monthly sessions and culminated their activity through Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Allen Peña and with Fr. José Antonio Rivera who welcomed the new and pioneer members of the Aggregation, Spain Delegation, by publicly pronouncing their promises.

agregacion 3

Fr. Allen and Fr. Antonio

If we look back the history, according to our senior Sacramentino fathers, that there was a time in the history of the parish of Sainz de Baranda when perpetual exposition was still practiced, there were a thousand members of the Guard of Honor - who took turns in the adoration of the Eucharistic Lord, which is precisely the root of what we now call the Aggregation. So, this Eucharistic fraternity was dormant for many years, and now this day is the re-awakening of that Eucharistic spirit where we have to start from small steps but new and fresh beginnings.

Fr. Allen in his message added, “These brothers of ours have completed their initial formation and will continue to discover deeply the Eucharistic Spirituality while they are collaborating among us, the Sacramentinos and in general in the Holy Church”. Why?

 Because, “the laity are indispensable for the new evangelization of society. The laity, called with the presence of the Spirit to be witnesses, but in a special way, men and women, young, old and children, who feel that you are witnesses of the Lord and participate in the life of the Church, individually or in association and are committed to make the Kingdom of God a reality in the world”. They are invited to make their commitment a real sign of the Spirit's presence in the world.

United, we will be an example of communion, fraternity and mutual solicitude. God's blessing, which has just begun, continues. And so, this September of this year, at the beginning of the new course, there will be 7 other members who will pronounce their promises and become part of the Eymardian Family. May God guide their formation.


Testimonies of some of the Aggregates

María del Carmen Pérez Valverde

After some months of formation in the (CLASS), I have been captivated in a special way to the dynamism of the Eucharist. Following the thoughts of St. Peter Julian Eymard, the Eucharist is the source of Christian life and a way of liberation from sin in order to live with greater unity and love for others. Inspired by the example of St. Peter Julian, for the passion for the Eucharist, it must be present and alive in each of the aggregates so that it may always be the love and grace of our life; because the Eucharist is the sacrament par excellence of God's love.

Trinidad González Vallejo

Being an Aggregate of the Congregation of the Most Blessed Sacrament is a great honor for me and, at the same time, a great responsibility to witness with my life a great love and devotion to the Eucharist. I must be aware that it is my mission to transmit this devotion to others through assiduous participation in the Eucharist, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and service to those who are in need, all for the greater glory of God. I thank with all my heart Father José Antonio and Father Allen for all their work in making the dream of being part of the Eymardian Family become a reality.

agregacion 2

Armandina dos Anjos da Mota Estanheiro

On the day that I pronounced my promise, is the day when I began to be part of the group of Lay Associates of the Blessed Sacrament. I felt welcomed, fortunate and loved by God. During the Eucharist, everything was spectacularly exciting! I never thought that Jesus would lead me on this path. Thank you Lord for so much favor, I made a promise to always love the Eucharistic Jesus. I pray to St. Peter Julian Eymard to intercede for me and the group so that we may follow his example. Thanks to the Sacramentino Fathers.

María Cristina Martin-Aragón Montalvo

To my parents who were people of deep faith, I owe my devotion and trust in the Eucharist which has been my strength to overcome serious difficulties in my life. Thanks to Father Allen for letting us know about this Project of Life of the Aggregation of the Blessed Sacrament. My promise as an Aggregate was a moving moment that encourages me to deepen the value of the Eucharist and to pray following the simple advice of Father Eymard.

Ángel Fernández de Heredía Adánez

Since the day of the public promise, I have been wondering if I will be able to get closer to the mystery of the Eucharist. I had doubts whether or not to make the promise and in the end I decided to do it. In all my Christian experience I still need to take a step; I hope it will be now, although I do not know how.


Father Allen Peña, sss

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