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Wednesday, 25 May 2022 07:53

Some memories of a visit to Canada

Our old church of the Blessed Sacrament at Quebec


Québec, a white city

The first impression I had of the city of Quebec is that of it blanketed in white snow. Everywhere snow laid piled up was for several months. The beauty of nature harmonised with that of the encounter with the confreres and the Sisters Servants of the Blessed Sacrament. For a very long time, I heard the names of persons whom I had never had the opportunity of personally meeting. To meet them was a source of great joy for me. I imagine that it will likewise be for others who know them or who have known their works.


Exterior view of the provincial house at Loretteville

It seems that a confrere, who seeing snow for the first time got the idea to send some by post to the country to understand what it means when we pray in the psalms and the prophets to become white as snow!Exterior view of the provincial house at Loretteville

Partial image of the “Jardins d'Évangeline”, residence for the aged, where most of the confreres live.

This residence provides accommodation for all the religious, in a very good setting, with more than 400 comfortable rooms.

Jardins Evangéline

Les Jardins d’Évangeline

 A good lesson learned was that you age as you have lived your youth. Advanced age does not take away serenity or the joy of living!

With Father Claude Taffet on his 90th birthday.

Claude Taffet


90 ans Taffet


90 ans Taffet groupe

Celebration of the 90th birthday of Father Taffet. From left to right can be seen: Fr René Pothier, formerly a missionary and scripture teacher in Kinshasa and other African countries (provincial consultor), Fr Jean-Marc Raymond (provincial treasurer), Fr Guy Morin (94 years old), Fr Yves Garneau (90), Fr Ghislain Cossette (provincial superior), Fr Claude Taffet. Standing, the director of the foyer "Les Jardins d'Évangeline".


Jean Ratté René

In the foreground, Fr Jean Ratté, former General Archivist and currently Archivist and Provincial Consultor, then Fr René Pothier and Fr Jean-Marc Raymond.


Emilien Le Blanc

Fr Emilien Le Blanc (94 years old) photograph of the community. Thanks for all the photos!


Loyola Gagné

Fr Loyola Gagné (91 years old), former General Secretary and ever very active in doing translations and critical studies.


Yves Garneau

Fr Yves Garneau (90 years old) former editor of the review Prêtre et Pasteur. He still takes care of several other publications, and is always at work, with research and publications in the field of the Bible and the liturgy. We raise our hats to him!


Another beautiful occasion was spent during a visit to the Servants of the Blessed Sacrament. They also live in a home like that of our confreres, at the residence "Maison Beauport". It was a wonderful afternoon with our dear sisters.


From left to right: Sr Thérèse Couture, Sr Christine Lapointe, Sr Marie-Thérèse Dugas, the superior of the community, Sr Thérèse Pelchat.

On the other side of the Atlantic there are several Jubilarians. On 13 May, Sr Christine Lapointe will celebrate her seventy years of religious life, with our Fathers Emilien Le Blanc and Loyola Gagné.

In Canada, I met other confreres who were not photographed. In particular, the young confreres of the Cardinal Emile Biayenda Region in formation at the university. I gathered a very good impression of the quality of their academic and human formation. Well done confreres! Acquire all you can because Africa is eagerly awaiting you!

I really wish to express great gratitude to everyone for the experience of being with you. The table of the Eucharist unites us each day in reciprocal prayer. Count on my prayers, because I am relying on yours!


Father Agostinho Maholele, sss
General Consultor

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