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« À l’Heure de Dieu » by Father Norman B. Pelletier, sss. Presentation of the French translation

A heureThe odyssey begins in Africa. Some African SSS religious guided by Brother Joseph David Kah undertook to translate into French the original edition of the book that is in English, the language of its author, Fr Norman Pelletier. Then Fr Norman asked me if I could revise the work done. I accepted gladly, since this is a task I like very much, especially during this time of the pandemic when we are in lockdown.

Well, this linguistic revision (mentioned on page 2 of the book) will have taken fifteen months of diligent work, begun in July 2020, by a whole team of collaborators in various fields. This entailed enormous work to restore to their original, the French references translated by the author into English. It would have been useless to leave the reference in English, since the original was already in French! Thus, for example, the pontifical texts, or the letters of the Superiors General, and above all, all the quotations from Fr. Eymard that had to be recovered from the Complete Works. In addition, Quebec religious have been added to the list entitled “For fear of forgetting them” (p. 189): they are Fathers Léas Sirard and Francis Goyer, as well as Brother Philippe; finally, two SSS (1 Mexican, Apollinaire Ancona, and 1 Venezuelan, Mgr Montes de Oca), have been added, to highlight the international expansion of the Congregation which after the death of the Founder exploded (which is symbolized by the drawing of the cover of the book).

To conclude, let us add that some corrections have been made, thanks to Fr. André Guitton, in the presentation of the photos, and also on page 178, note 20, where it is stated that the complete edition of the Works of Fr. Eymard in 17 volumes is a critical edition: what is wrong is a typical edition. Thanks to Fr. André and thanks also to Mr. Georges Bellemare, who undertook entirely and voluntarily responsibility for the computer graphics. Without him, this book would probably not have seen the light of day!

A heure 2

Finally, for your information, this volume will never go on the shelves of bookstores: it is a so-called "hors commerce" [not commercial] edition reserved exclusively for the Eucharistic Family, and its distribution is free of charge, thanks to the generosity of friends of Fr. Norman. Moreover, it can be consulted on the Congregation's website. Here is the link: / reserved area / 1 Actualité - Events / 1 In God’s time by Pelletier (book in English and French).

To obtain a copy of the volume in French, get in touch with Mme Lise Lapierre, at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or at the postal address: 12, Boul. des Étudiants, Québec, QC G2A 1N5 CANADA.


Father Loyola Gagné, sss
Québec, 27 February 2022.

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