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Introducing Fr. Throy Monserate Fuentebella, sss

We gladly announce the arrival in Spain of Fr. Throy Monserate Fuentebella sss, from the Province of the Philippines. We are grateful to him and his Province that continues its collaboration in sharing our sss mission, a sign of internationality.



"A person open to newness, disposed to learn and try new things, which indicates that he is prepared and attracted to missionary work."


The persevering work of God

We want always to see and do things quickly and easily. Many of us do not have patience and are unwilling to wait. For this, we want ready made things and immediate results. People do not want to progress by means of the process of waiting patiently.

However, in God’s work, it is not like this. In God’s time, nothing worthwhile and important is realised quickly and easily. Even missionary work is like this, being good and carrying out God’s work does not come about immediately. Yes, Jesus tells us that we will receive recompense and have success in doing God’s work, but he warns us that this will not be easy. There will be many difficulties, challenges, obstacles, but if we want to produce much fruit, he must persevere and be faithful to him. Perseverance in accomplishing good is like saying to God that we are serious in undertaking his work.

It is a great joy, especially for the Blessed Sacrament community of Sainz de Baranda, in Spain, in the Province of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, to receive a new gift, the presence of a Philippino Blessed Sacrament religious, who regards accompanying us, in one way or other, as a gift. Fr. Throy Monserate Fuentabella, sss is 44 years old; he was ordained as a priest on 11 February 2020, previously having been treasurer of a community with a parish administered by the Blessed Sacrament religious in Manila, in the Philippines, where he also exercised his diaconal ministry. He arrived in Spain on 17 September 2021. He is a young religious full of hope, enthusiasm and courage to continue the eucharistic work of God. He is a person open to newness, disposed to learn and try new things, which indicates that he is prepared and attracted to missionary work.

It is easy to do new things. It is enjoyable to learn new things, when we try new things, when we do things with others, especially in the community. But that is not all. True service requires perseverance. We need to persevere, to focus on God, to continue his work despite all the difficulties and challenges, if we want to bear good fruit for him. We hope and pray that Fr. Throy’s presence will be fruitful and continue what God has begun.


Father Allen Peña, sss
Madrid, A. Sainz de Baranda

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