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Friday October 8, 2021: 50 years of priesthood at Québec

Here is the photographic report presented by Father Loyola Gagné, sss, on the occasion of the celebration of the 50 years of priesthood of the two Quebec confreres, Fathers Gérard Busque and Camille Gagnon, at the provincial house of Loretteville, 12 boulevard des étudiants, Québec.

The religious and a guest couple begin to take their places in the private chapel of Loretteville. From left to right: Fathers Loyola Gagné, René Pothier, provincial consultor, Jean-Yves Garneau and Brother Julien Morissette, the only and last SSS lay brother in the country; in the second row, it's Father Émilien Le Blanc.

50 ans Camille Gérard 02

You have, in front, Fathers Jean Ratté, provincial vicar and archivist, and Jean-Marc Raymond, provincial consultor and treasurer; and behind, Deacon Orsini Batekouahou, Congolese from Brazzaville, one of the four scholastics studying at Laval University in Quebec, the first University of North America.

At the back, in the front door, the jubilarians are preparing to enter. It had been 18 months since there had been a fraternal meeting in the Province of St. John the Baptist, which now has only a dozen religious (less than the Region which depends on us!)

50 ans Camille Gérard 03

The two jubilarians. The presidency of the Eucharist was entrusted to Fr. Gérard Busque (ex-parish priest of Saint-Sacrement in Quebec, the church which is to be demolished), while the homily was entrusted to Fr. Camille Gagnon, that we see here.

We had chosen to keep the readings of the day: Joel 1, 13-15; 2, 1-2. There was an allusion to the demolished church in Quebec: "The house of your God no longer receives any offerings or oblations"; then again this one: "Gather the elders in the house of the Lord".

As for the Gospel, it was Luke 11, 15-26 on Beelzebub, a subject apparently not very appropriate for the occasion, but Father Gagnon stuck to a commentary on verse 20: “If it is by the finger of God that I cast out demons…” to demonstrate that each priest is ultimately a finger of God, through the sacraments, through the Word, and especially through the Eucharist.

50 ans Camille Gérard 04

Our two jubilarians at the altar:
Fr. Camille on the left,
and Fr. Gérard, in the centre,
at the time of the Offertory.
All the other Fathers present are concelebrants.

50 ans Camille Gérard 05

After the Eucharist, it is the festive aperitif. Here, we see Fr. Jean-Yves Garneau (who suffered a stroke on Monday October 11); Fr. Ghislain Cossette, Provincial Superior; Fr. Jean Ratté; Fr. Émilien Le Blanc; Fr. Gérard Busque, jubilee; and BroJulien Morissette.

50 ans Camille Gérard 06

As the Loretteville residence is very small, the 16 guests had to be divided into two rooms, each with a Jubilarian.

Here is Fr. Camille's table: Fr. Jean-Yves Garneau; a couple who are friends of the jubilarian; Fr. Camille; Fr. René Pothier; the Congolese deacon Chancelin Kifoueti; then Fr. Émilien Le Blanc.

50 ans Camille Gérard 07

Here is the table of the other jubilarian, Fr. Gérard: Fr. Ghislain Cossette; Bro Julien Morissette; Aubin Nsiantimane, another Congolese scholastic; Fr. Jean Ratté; Fr. Gérard Busque; next to him, barely visible, Fr. Jean-Marc Raymond; finally, Fr. Loyola Gagné, the author of this report, while the photos are from the Congolese, Aubin.

50 ans Camille Gérard 08

Here, to finish, our two Congolese deacons, Chancelin and Orsini, in great palaver, on their next priestly ordination …

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