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Belong to the Eucharistic Christ entirely - Perpetual profession of seven religious

It is a joy for Kristu Jyoti Province, it is a delight to the whole Congregation and it is an affirming promise to our founder in Heaven that Eucharistic mission is alive even during the pandemic as seven religious commit their entire life for it.

The global COVID pandemic destroyed the dream of our brothers and plan of the Province. However, the work of the Almighty was a surprise blessing to have IP4 possible in this year 2020. Brothers Arokia Inbaraj, George Fernandez, Raghumani Gardia, Antony Praveen Varuvel, Sanal D’mello, Anthoniraj Selvam and Selvadhas Bennet participated the IP4 program from 8th of September 2020 until 8th of December 2020. The program was held in Bambolim-Alto Santacruz Community in Goa. Fr. Sebastian Kitharimuthu was the director of the program.

As India was in strict lockdown brothers were held up in their homes followed by their annual vacation. Therefore, we had difficulties not only to bring brothers together but also to bring animators physically for weekly program. Thus, most of the courses were conducted through online. Here I must acknowledge the willingness and the sacrifice of the SSS religious from other countries, who animated brothers on various themes. They had to work on early mornings and sometimes, late evenings due to the time differences between the countries.

We all could feel the guidance and protection of the Almighty as the program was completed smoothly and brothers made their perpetual profession on 13th of December 2020 and received the ordination to diaconate on 14th of December 2020. The parents and the relatives of our brothers could not participate in these events. Because they could not travel due to the lockdown regulations. We see this as a testimony of our brothers to the Eucharistic Lord. The experience was so rich for all of us in the province. I share how our brothers felt, in their own words.

‘One of the most relevant lessons that the Covid-19 has left for all of us is that we need to learn to live with the bare essentials. Though we could not have our own families with us on those great days of our life, our SSS family members travelled from various parts of our country to welcome us into our Eymardian family. Indeed, it is such a magnificent joy to belong to Jesus through the Eucharistic love, which is the life of the SSS family.’ -Bro. Antony Praveen Varuvel sss

‘The way Jesus called His Apostles; in the same way I feel that God has called me to be a disciple and an apostle of the Eucharist, in the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. Having fascinated by the love of God in the Eucharist for eleven years in the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, I feel that Eucharistic lord is accompanying me to build the Eucharistic Kingdom on earth.’ -Bro. Selvadhas Bennet sss


INDIA Diaconate 2


‘The IP4 program enhanced me to be rooted in the Eucharistic Lord. I was given clear orientation to reflect on my special vocation of the Eucharistic vocation. I was empowered by the reflection of our SSS priests who shared with us at various sessions. Through this special period, I deepened my knowledge on our specific mission of the Congregation. By inspiration of our Founder and through the intercession of Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament I was able to say a big yes to the Eucharistic Lord.’ -Bro. Anthoniraj Selvam sss

‘My experience of Eucharistic Lord was very much closer to the experience of our Virgin Mother as the Almighty looked with favor on her lowliness and raised her up thus all generations call her blessed. Mary's song of praise reverberates and re-echo’s my faith journey and life journey with the Eucharistic Lord. I considered myself as a piece of dust lying in seashell in a deep sea gradually turning out to be a priceless pearl by the Eucharistic Lord.’ -Bro. George Fernandez sss

‘I am really motivated and captivated by the love of God, during this IP4. The Eucharist becomes primary goal and center of my life. Being nourished by the daily Eucharist, now I need to nurture the world with the Eucharistic fire. “Broken to be formed”, this is my strength. My final profession is the commitment that I make myself fully available to God.’ -Bro. Raghumani Gardia sss

‘IP4 was a great opportunity for me to have my inward journey. It was like a reverse gear in the car, that which enabled me to reflect my life in the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. I was also reenergized with the initial zeal of myself to become a priest. IP4 helped me to deepen my know-ledge about God, Founder and self. I am very happy to be belonged to the Eucharistic Lord.’ -Bro. Sanal D’mello sss

‘IP4 program was indeed a spiritual experience of discovering who I am and for what I have committed my life entirely. The courses on our Founder St. Peter Julian Eymard, the Apostle of the Eucharist, were a significant experience of going deeper into the personality of Fr. Eymard. I encounter our Founder as a person of fire of the Eucharist, a man of the Word of God, a good shepherd of God’s people, a man of Eucharistic spirituality and a man devoted to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.’ -Bro. Arokia Inbaraj sss

We are grateful to the General Curia for their accompaniment and suggestions to make it happen especially in this time of pandemic and above all for their online (zoom) interaction with our brothers.


Father Peter Jayakanthan Dorai, sss
Provincial superior

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