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Feast of the Epiphany 1857: First Solemn Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament by Father Eymard

In his letter to Marguerite Guillot on January 19, 1857, Father Eymard exclaimed:
“….How happy we were on January 6, to see Jesus our King on his throne of love for the first time, manifesting his presence by such an outstanding grace!  My heart was too full to be able to speak and express its feelings.  I was almost mute and speechless with awe.  In fact when I think about the way Jesus led us to this point, making us pass through so many difficulties unknown even to ourselves!  Now that I see these difficulties behind us, I am like someone who has gone through the greatest dangers unknowingly.  What happened is that Jesus was in the boat and we were asleep at his feet.  - Oh yes, God wants this eucharistic Work!  Everyday we see the proof of it.  We should at least cooperate fully with such a great grace!...” [CO 646]

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