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Celebration of the feast of the Vietnamese Martyrs

The feast of the Vietnamese Martyrs is not only a great event for all Vietnamese Catholics but it is also an important feast for SSS Religious and Priests. It is a special feast because it is also the patron Saint of the Vietnamese Province.

Every year, all SSS of the Vietnamese religious and all brothers who belong to educated periods in many places in Vietnam gather together in the mother community to share the mission, listening the homily, confession and celebrate the patron Saint.

In the beginning, we are used to be silent and adore before the Eucharist. We want to offer this precious time to relax, and ask the strengthen from the eucharistic Jesus.

At half past eight, according to the General Father’s suggestion, the Provincial Father shared the brief of Encyclical Fratelli Tutti of the Holy Father Francis on Fraternity and Social Friendship. Truly, learning from this encyclical, any SSS religious is called to be aware of himself and his role in our society. SSS religious should be interested in the poor, the sorrow and the immigrants.

The Holy Mass was cozy, friendly and also holy. The master was Provincial Father Peter Trinh Nhu Cung, sss. Father Dominic Vang served the homily. Father Vang called all religious to prove the spirit of martyr in real life. Following the footsteps of Father Eymard, the SSS religious devoted their life for the kingdom of Eucharist.

What a coincidence! On this day, 21 of November 2020, it was also the 20th anniversary of priesthood for Father Joseph Pham Hoang Thinh, sss and 40th anniversary of the vow for fathers: Dominic Vang sss, Peter Nguyen Van Thinh sss; Michael Pham Tien Thanh sss. All Religious prayed for them.

After finishing the holy Mass, all members moved to the dead’s portrait who belong to SSS Congregation to pray for them.

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After that, we shared the lunch together. We shared both happiness and sorrow friendly because we did not have an opportunity to meet each other. Covid 19 Pandemic separated us to gather. That is the useful treatment for SSS religious. Sharing together help us to improve our mission and brotherhood.

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Saint Peter Julian Eymard, and the Vietnamese Martyrs pray for us! God! Pour out grace for us! And we will get the courage to preach Jesus in the Eucharist to everywhere and everyone in order to work at building a world founded on justice and love, so that the glory of God can be revealed to the world.


Father Martin Augustin Bùi Văn Hồng Phúc, sss

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