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Diaconal and Priestly Ordination

Many new priests who belong to the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament have chosen father Eymard’s sentence, “Our Lord has called me to his Eucharistic service in spite of my unworthiness.” (Eymard – NR 45,4) for their life of priesthood.

Truly, Saint Eymard devoted his life to serve the Eucharist. He, himself gave us the most precious spiritual treasure that we become “the apostle of the Eucharist” – according to the Rule of Life, number 1, our ideal is to live the mystery of the Eucharist fully and to make known its meaning, so that Christ’s reign may come to the glory of God and be revealed to the world; our mission is very useful in a complicated society. That is the reason why many priests of the SSS Congregation want to imitate their Founder to devote totally their life for the Eucharist.

Following this spirituality, many Vietnamese young people have devoted their life for God; particularly, they devote their will to become “Servants of the Eucharist”. On their many difficult journeys, like Jacob, they have to be educated carefully in order to become mature SSS religious. That is good steps for them in the future mission.

 Vietnam Ordination 2020 02

On Wednesday 28th October 2020, in the An Phu parish that is belo ngs to the Phu Cuong Diocese, Viet Nam, Joseph Nguyen Tan Tuoc who is the bishop of Phu Cuong diocese, ordained 6 Deacons and 6 Priests. Many SSS religious, relatives and benefactors attended this mass. Truly, this fact brings great happiness and grace for SSS Vietnamese Province and entire SSS Congregation.

Our society faces many complicated situations such as wars, pandemics, natural disasters, starvation… It is very necessary for the world to have many enthusiastic Apostles of the Eucharist to preach the love of Jesus in the Eucharist. It is only the Eucharist which could heal  and transform the world. Also in the Eucharist, people could love and sacrifice for each other.

New deacons and priests today will be sent in many different communities in Viet Nam. And following in the footsteps of Father Eymard, their mission is to respond to the hungers of the human family with the riches of God’s love manifested in the Eucharist.

Hopefully, new deacons and priests will be courage to preach Jesus in the Eucharist to everywhere and everyone in order to work at building a world founded on justice and love, so that the glory of the God can be revealed to the world.


Father Martin Augustino Bùi Văn Hồng Phúc, sss

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