Friday, 28 December 2018 15:45

In the Midst of My Brothers - Young Religious Gathering

Five days it was and the most beautiful part of the experience is us, having come together.  From November 12 to 16, 2018, the gathering of the young religious of the Province took place in Davao with our local community there generously welcoming us all.   As it is where the seed, should I say, of our journey in the Congregation (as postulants) has been planted, it has really been a great opportunity to once again reminisce good memories that has brought us to where we are now.  Also, in meeting friends who have been continuously supporting us much especially with their prayers.

Highlighting the event is a day and a half session that we had with Sr. Edith Bula, SSS which helped us look back as to how far have we been doing especially in the different ministries and assignments given to us in view of our Founder's, Saint Peter Julian 

Eymard, example of 'Gift of Self'.

To start with, Sr. Edith made us write on the board how each of us understood it (Gift of Self).  And here are the thoughts and ideas that came out: (exactly as how each brother has written)

  • walang ititira sa sarili (give it all)
  • charity to say 'yes' kahit gusto 'no'
  • gift & challenge
  • nothing by me, nothing for me, nothing from me
  • presence
  • an act of 'THANKSGVING'
  • act of self-OBLATION
  • completely FREE giving
  • total trust in God's grace

Going through all of them and upon hearing the different stories that everyone shared, it is clear that the desire to be able to follow in the footsteps of our Founder is very much alive in the hearts of the young ones in the Congregation.  Moreover, knowing that there are still a lot of things needed to be learned, repeating the meditation exercises, every now and then, which Sister gave, in her simple way of journeying with us, would for sure be a big help in doing frequent assessment of our own personal journeys.  It is on:  asking ourselves where is Jesus or what is He telling in every event we encounter along the way; what role does Mary play in our yearning to get close to her Son and our Lord; and how things would be if it be given a chance that we can have a seat and converse about it with St. Peter Julian Eymard.

Of course, recreation/outing during occasion like this will always be a part too.  Though it was just a short visit that we had, having been able to see the man-made and natural beauties of Secdea and Hagimit Falls respectively was an added fun worth the travel.

Again our heartfelt and daghang pasasalamat to Frs. Randy, Hermie, Ronel, Edgard and our brother postulants (for the accommodation and the sumptuous meals).  Likewise, to the community staff, and to the families (Cascabel and LITES) and all friends who always never fail to make every visit of our religious in Davao be a memorable one.  God bless us all!


By Fr. Andres Malawis, SSS