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Wednesday, 18 July 2018 10:40

July 26, 1868 - Sunday

I remained confident and strongly invoked Our Lady of Laus and Our Lady of La Salette for a good outcome to my request.

No letter, I’m told at 8 o’clock. May God’s will be done, I said to Charles.

At 9 o’clock I started to work. Fr. Crepon followed by Fr. Stafford, came into my cell, he gave me a letter from Mademoiselle Eymard dated Friday 24. A sad letter. They hardly recognised him. Fr. had been very bad. They asked for prayers. Fr. Crepon sent me to look after Father. I did not at all doubt the gravity of the illness. Quite the contrary.


This text is transcribed from a copy preserved in the Archives of the French Province in Paris. The Punctuation has been slightly adjusted for ease of reading.
The copy from the Paris archive has as its title, in Fr. J. Lavigne’s writing, “Notes of very Rev. Fr. Tesniere (Bro. Albert) on the last days of Blessed Peter Julian Eymard”.