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Wednesday, 20 June 2018 15:12

June 25, 1854 - Father Jandel presented Eymard's project in an audience with Pope Pius IX

On June 25, 1854, in Marseilles with de Cuers, Eymard met Fr. Colin who was going to Rome, hoping to find support for his work at La Neylière. By coincidence on that same Sunday, Fr. Jandel, the Master General of the Dominicans, was received in audience by Pius IX. At the request of Fr. Eymard, he presented briefly to the Pope the project of a congregation of men whose aim would be to promote perpetual adoration. The Pope was interested, and he said to his visitor: “The work you speak of is good. If it succeeds, I will most gladly give it my blessing.” This was more than the encouragement needed by Fr. Eymard to continue his efforts.

André Guitton, Peter Julian Eymard, Apostle of the Eucharist, p. 91.