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Monday, 21 May 2018 14:15

May 23, 1855 - Father Eymard placed the project of his Constitutions on the altar of Mary

La Seyne, May 23, 1855

Nourish your inner life with the spirit of penance and renunciation, in order to die to the old self. Let your piety consist in union with our Lord, in order to lose your life in the life of your soul’s bridegroom. Delight in having a small room in the Cenacle and on Calvary, the divine dwelling places of love and our Lord will be happy.

Let us speak now of the great Work of the Blessed Sacrament. It is still in the ground, where it is rotting. I sent the Constitutions to Laus so that they would be placed on Mary’s altar today, and be a bouquet of love for our good Mother.  I hope that they are also reaching Rome today. They are being sent to an influential friend [Fr. Jandel] for examination. See how you must pray.

What will be the outcome of it all? I don’t know. What form will the Eucharistic project take? The one that our Lord wants through Mary. I pray and beg this good Master to be pleased with this idea, this desire, and to allow this little grain of wheat to grow in the presence of his divine Tabernacle.

(CO 502)