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Wednesday, 09 May 2018 10:13

May 13, 1856

On May 13, the Tuesday after Pentecost at about 1:30 in the afternoon, Fr. Eymard presented himself at the Archbishop's residence to receive the answer. There he met Fr. de Cuers who was waiting for him, since he also was interested in the decision. In fact, a negative answer was expected. The Archbishop had spoken against the work, judging it inopportune. The two visitors were waiting to be called to the office of the auxiliary bishop. All of a sudden, something unexpected happened which changed everything. But let us give Fr. Eymard a chance to speak for himself:

“We were in the waiting room, when the Archbishop, who usually never accompanied his visitors to the door, had felt obliged do so out of politeness to honor the Admiral of Parceval who was leaving. On returning, he noticed the two priests and said to them, 'Who are you? - Two visiting priests. - What do you want?' Your Excellency, it’s Bishop de Tripoli that we are waiting for. 'But isn’t it true', continued quickly Archbishop Sibour, 'that what Bishop de Tripoli does here the Archbishop can also do! What is it you want?'”

I mentioned the answer which we were expecting. “'You a Marist priest?' 'Yes, Your Excellency.' 'Bishop de Tripoli has kept me posted,' continued the Archbishop… ‘Oh no … it’s purely contemplative… I am not in favor… no, no, no!’”

I continued with insistence: “But Your Excellency is mistaken about our purpose. It is not a purely contemplative society. Yes, we adore certainly, but we also want to lead others to adore. We must take care of the First Communion of adults. We want to set fire to the four corners of France, beginning with the four corners of Paris, which need it so much.'"

”On hearing these words, the Archbishop’s face suddenly lit up. 'The First Communion of adults!' he exclaimed. 'That’s what’s missing. That’s what I desire most!'”

"He seemed enthusiastic.”

The Archbishop then led Fr. Eymard and Fr. de Cuers into the consultors’ hall, where they found Bishop de Tripoli and Fr. Carrière, Superior General of the Sulpician Order. Archbishop Sibour was all praises for the work, authorized it, and approved it. “As of today, you are my children.” He blessed him wholeheartedly.



André Guitton, L’Apôtre de l’Eucharistie, 2012