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Monday, 22 January 2018 14:50

February 05, 1811 – Baptism of Peter Julian Eymard

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The day after his birth, Peter Julian Eymard was baptized in the church of his hometown, La Mure d'Isere, France. The church is now known as the Chapel of St. Peter Julian Eymard. (Doc 1, NR 44, 21, V.I, 5, T. 5)

Later, in his meditation in February 1865, Father Eymard says:

I made my meditation on the gratuitous and all-merciful grace of the holy Baptism that I received. I understood what it is: a new creation in our Lord Jesus Christ, a second life in Jesus Christ, but in Jesus crucified. Quicumque baptizati estis, Christum induistis [Ga 3,27].

Qui Christi sunt carnem suam crucifixerunt cum vitiis et concupiscentiis suis [Ga 5,24]. 

– Consepulti cum Christo per baptismum in mortem [cf. Rm 6,4].

Et [qui non] odit animam suam non potest meus esse discipulus [Lk 14,26].

And so, that is the nature of my second generation: a separation from the world, a crucifixion, a war, a continual death. 

I saw the graces that made up the dowry of my Baptism - beyond all computing: a son of God, a member of Jesus Christ, a child of the Church, a brother of the Saints; a right to the grace and to the glory of Jesus Christ. What made me weep is the sight of my three vocations: to a devout life, to a priestly life, to the religious life. A review of my childhood was heart-rending. I sinned out of vanity; I reformed also out of vanity. How good and wonderful Providence has been to me! It is an endless miracle. (NR 44,21)

While in Lyons, in a letter to his sister Marianne on the Feast of Saint Agatha, February 5, 1846, Father Eymard says:

Today I cannot resist the joy of writing you a few words. I’m sure that you can guess why I prayed so earnestly to God for you, for our father, our mother and my godfather! It’s such a beautiful day for me. It’s the most beautiful day of my life since this is the day when I had the good fortune to be baptized. […] I owe you so much for your vigilant care during my youth and for all the religious practices you would suggest to me. Today I remember all those childhood years very clearly and I see them as a great grace. […]  What wonderful times! I loved the Good Lord more then, than [I do] now. (CO 68,1)



O Lord, you gave St. Peter Julian Eymard
a deep sense of gratitude for the gift of his Baptism.
He saw it as the beginning of a life filled with grace.
Through his intercession, may we discover
what you have called us to be
at the time of our own baptism.
Grant us the grace to live our Christian vocation
in creative fidelity to your call.