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February 04, 1811 – Birth of Peter Julian Eymard

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Peter Julian was born in La Mure d'Isère, France, the 10th and last child of Julian Eymard and Marie-Magdelaine Pellorce on February 04, 1811. (Doc 1, V.I, 5, T. 5). Earlier, seven of his siblings died. He was left with his brother Antoine and his sister Marie-Anne. 

His father Julien Eymard was not without means, since he was renting on rue du Breuil, the main thoroughfare and market street of La Mure. He occupied the ground floor of the house of Mr. Lesbros, notary public (now no. 69). In the room on the left of the central corridor, he set up a workshop-store for knives and sharp tools. On the right, was the common room with the bed of the parents: here is where Peter Julian was born on February 4, 1811 at about 11 o’clock in the morning. It was Monday, market day. News of the birth must have spread rapidly in the city. (André Guitton, Peter Julian Eymard, p. 18)